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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

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About Us

About Our Practice

When your pet becomes a patient at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, not only will he or she receive the highest quality of veterinary care throughout his or her lifetime, but you both will join an ever-growing family.

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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital is a general practice veterinary clinic located less than 10 miles from Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, NJ. We offer pets seamless care from puppyhood and kittenhood all the way through to their golden years. We are proud members of the Compassion-First Pet Hospitals’ family of primary, emergency, and specialty veterinarians.

At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we are strong believers in the practice of preventative medicine. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities to families, allowing them to make the best decisions for their pet’s health.

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We provide a multitude of treatment options including both traditional and alternative medicine. When your pet becomes a patient at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, you become a part of a family. With our ability to provide a wide range of treatment options as well as enlist assistance from outside specialists, your pet will have complete access to a comprehensive health care team at the tips of his or her paws.

Cherry Hill Animal Hospital is unique in that we see behavior and mental health management as an equally essential aspect of your pet’s healthcare plan.  This is why Fear Free handling tactics are deeply ingrained in the way that we practice medicine. Not only do we apply these techniques throughout your pet’s visit, but we also offer you the education and tools to utilize them at home.

Our Mission

At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, practicing preventative medicine as well as healing pets with compassion and love are our goals. These goals are met by promoting owner education and open communication, offering a multitude of available services and treatment options, and our strong partnership with the Compassion-First network. By working together with you and your pet, we provide a comprehensive healthcare plan that not only aligns with both of your needs, but also respects the bond that you share.