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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

Limited Access Policy (Updated August 7, 2020)

Dear Pet Family:

In the wake of COVID-19, Cherry Hill Animal Hospital continues to update its policies to help reduce the spread of disease and keep you, your pets, and our team as safe as possible.

Veterinary care is still considered an essential service and our plan is to continue our regular office hours. Curbside service, also known as limited access, is in effect. This suspends usage of our waiting area and gives restricted access to the hospital. We are, however, lifting some restrictions and giving one owner per patient the option of accompanying their pet inside the hospital for an appointment.

Our current policy entails the following:

  • Pet owners are asked to remain in their vehicles and to text or call us upon arrival.

  • We will conduct a brief COVID-19 screening to assess potential pet exposure risk.

  • A staff member will come to your vehicle and bring your pet inside for a full examination. Pet owners will be asked to remain in their vehicles. Owners may be permitted to accompany their pet inside the hospital pending screening and approval.

  • A member of our team will contact you by phone to discuss the exam findings and recommendations.

  • Upon completion of the medical assessment and treatments, a team member will return your pet to you at your vehicle.

  • Whenever possible, all paperwork and financial transactions will occur via phone, at the vehicle, online, or via email.

  • Curbside prescription pick-up is available, if needed.

Please be aware that our team members may be wearing gowns, masks, and gloves when they interact with you and your pet. We realize this can look frightening and intimidating. Beneath it all are the same team members who you have come to know and trust with your beloved pets.

We remain extremely grateful for your patience through these changes in procedures. As always, you can be assured that your pet is in loving hands and getting the best care with the Cherry Hill Animal Hospital team.

If you have any questions, please call us at (856) 325-2100.

Jessica Ennis, DVM, Medical Director                                                 

Gina Eisenhower, Hospital Director


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