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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

Fear Free FAQ

What is Fear Free?

We are a fear free certified practice. This means we have been specially trained and evaluated to ensure that we have a specialized understanding of canine and feline body language and can assess for signs of fear, anxiety and stress. We have protocols in place to monitor your pet's anxiety levels throughout the appointment and have been trained in techniques that can lower anxiety levels during treatment.

Why can't I come into the building - I thought COVID is over?

Part of reducing stress for animals includes controlling the animals that they meet when here for an appointment. For animals, the sight, smell and sound of other animals can increase stress levels. We are attempting to reduce these stimuli by controlling the flow of patients through the waiting room and in and out of the building to the best of our ability. We utilized curbside check in as a way of controlling those interactions. However, if your pet is more stressed in the car or the outside environment is not conducive to waiting in the car, we are happy to accommodate. Please just text or call in to let us know what your needs are.

Why was my pet given anti-anxiety medication for their visit?

Please see our hand out here on pre-visit pharmaceuticals (PVPs) and why we use them.

My pet could benefit from anti-anxiety medication prior to their visit, how do I obtain these?

Call and discuss your pet's behaviors with one of our technicians any time to determine if your pet would benefit from these medications and we will discuss techniques for reducing stress prior to your appointment.