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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

Behavior Consultations

At Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, we believe a full health care picture also includes mental health and stimulation.

Our visits will often include a discussion of how your pet is doing at home and we welcome any questions you have regarding your pet’s daily routine and behaviors. As a hospital with Fear Freesm-certified staff members, we will use low-stress techniques to help reduce fear, anxiety, and stress throughout your pet’s visit. We encourage social visits (visits where your pet just sniffs around the hospital, receiving treats and positive attention) and training in the hospital to reduce anxiety during his or her appointments.

We also can assist with certain behavior problems that you may be experiencing with your pet at home. Some behavior symptoms to look out for include excessive growling; overly protective or possessive behavior; uncontrollable aggression around other animals or people; biting, extreme shyness, anxiety, or fear (your pet may tremble when they are anxious or scared); and excessive licking. Contact us today to learn more about ways we can help manage and improve any issues you are experiencing regarding your pet’s behavior, as it may be indicative of hidden health or environmental problems.