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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

Eye Care

Changes in your pet’s eye health can occur and progress quickly.

If your pet is experiencing changes in or around his or her eyes, immediate evaluation and intervention is important for the best prognosis.  Having a hard time determining what is normal and abnormal in terms of your pet’s eye health? Keep a lookout for symptoms such as thick or discolored tears, cloudy eyes, redness of the lids or eyes, pawing at the face, and/or excessive squinting.  If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to call us and make an appointment for your pet to be evaluated right away.

A full ophthalmic evaluation at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital will include the following tests:

  • Evaluation of the eyes with a light and fundic exam for assessment of the cornea, iris, conjunctiva, eyelids, optic nerve, and retina

  • A neurologic evaluation

  • Testing of tear production and evaluation for dry eye

  • Staining of the cornea to evaluate for ulcers

  • Tonometry or measure of intraocular pressures to evaluate for uveitis or glaucoma.

We are also able to provide general management of routine chronic eye conditions such as chronic dry eye. If your pet has a chronic eye condition or another chronic eye condition, give us a call to learn more about how we can assist.