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Cherry Hill Animal Hospital

Socialization Sessions: Puppy

Puppy Socialization Sessions can help! These 30-minute sessions, for those 7-14 weeks of age, offer an opportunity for your puppy to socialize and play will a small group of puppies, explore novelty objects and meet new people in a safe and controlled environment.

Puppy Socialization Sessions

The ages of 3-12 weeks are a critical time for socialization and learning. Experiences during this time will set the stage for the rest of your puppies’ life. The socialization period is a crucial window of opportunity for puppies to adapt to new people, animals, and experiences. Incomplete or improper socialization during this important time can increase the risk of behavioral problems later in life.

Don’t wait, the socialization window closes at 12 weeks of age.


Sessions will be held at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital in our lobby and fenced in backyard. 

Date & Time

Saturdays 5:00pm

Sundays 9:30am


$20 per session

Sign Up

Call or text us at (856) 325-2100. Sessions are starting soon.

We look forward to meeting you and your puppy!